Filling coverage gaps for over 5 billion people moving around the planet

In the middle of the city or on a remote mountaintop, at a crowded event or becoming one with nature, billions of mobile phone users are forever moving in and out of connectivity. With SpaceMobile filling all the coverage gaps — anywhere traditional wireless networks don't exist or become overwhelmed — mobile subscribers can be assured of connectivity no matter what.

A Lifeline When We Need it Most

For the first time ever, mobile subscribers will be able to automatically roam from land networks to a space network​. In the most remote location, on rural farmland or in the midst of a crisis or natural disaster, people will remain connected at broadband speeds – without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware.

Connecting the Unconnected 

For the over 1 billion people who are still unconnected today because they remain out of reach by traditional wireless networks, SpaceMobile will finally welcome them into the digital economy ... not to mention open them up to all sorts of opportunities for education, social networking, healthcare and more.